You are a warrior.

And even warriors get weary... from cleaning up messes… from parenting beloved children… from busting your tail to achieve your dreams… from fighting to keep a marriage together… from suffering through grief… from toughing it out through financial hardship. From moving mountains.

Women move a lot of mountains. In fact, our original theme for this year’s Symposium was going to be “we can move mountains”—a focus on the miraculous power we have as women to accomplish the impossible. But that’s the thing… you have accomplished the impossible, over and over, day in and day out. And sometimes… it kinda feels like nobody even saw, doesn’t it?

This year--amidst the world-class speakers, music, and sisterhood you've come to expect from Symposium--you will be recognized, celebrated, and given rest for all the towering mountains you have moved.

I will personally walk with you through a tailor-made curriculum to help you see the magnificent feats you've accomplished... and how much wisdom you've gained as a result. You will go home rested, recharged, and reinvigorated about your life and your relationships.

If that sounds like something that strikes a chord in your soul... read on.

xoxo - melody ross

Brave Girl Symposium: a soul-nourishing & fun 4-day gathering of women at a resort along the river. Speakers, activities & music, and more.

August 15-18, 2018 - Boise, Idaho

 "​By far, one of the most positive, loving , honest, deep feeling, musical, hard laughing, unconditionally accepting events I have ever been to... Thank you EVERYONE for allowing me to share this time with you.... - My heart is totally saturated with good good love."

 -J. Gray

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4. In August, enjoy the experience of a lifetime.
Fun, rest, and long-overdue recognition are all waiting here for you beside the river. You will cherish this memory for the rest of your life.

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In the meantime, enjoy the stellar talks from last year--for free!
You don't have to keep floating through life burnt-out and disconnected. We as women know all too well that overwork and underappreciation are not sustainable... you need to be seen, you need to rest, and you need to connect with like-souled women. We promise you'll find all of that and so much more at Brave Girl Symposium.
August 15-18, 2018
Boise, Idaho
Get to know the 2018 Symposium speakers--some of the wisest and most soulful the world has to offer.
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A little message from Melody
In a quick little personal video from her car (at the car salvage yard!), Melody shares the story of her past year--and how we arrived at the decision to change to our new theme of "You Have Moved Mountains."
"Amazing speakers. Hugs, laughs, and tears. Beautiful flowers, beautiful art, beautiful food, and beautiful music. Healing wounds and reconnecting hearts. Diversity in every way. Finding sisters in strangers. Boots and lace. Setting aside lies and rules that just aren't true. Disappointments, weirdness and problems met with kindness and grace.<3 I was insecure and unsure, and she saw me, she heard me and she loved me anyway. I am overwhelmed by the MAGNITUDE of it all. Grateful. Renewed. Ready."

-S. Otto 
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"Thank you Melody & Kathy for everything! I will be forever changed by this amazing experience and the beautiful women I met here. My time with new friends started here but will last a lifetime. I am so grateful for all of you."

-S. Daubar